2.4 gives users a little gift....light leaks

  • vjaramillo , as Micha mentioned, could you please increase the thickness of the corresponding walls to see if this would help? :)

    Also vjaramillo , regarding your question from the other thread:

    "So...did you guys forget to include the res up feature in 2.4? When I stop moving around in the Enscape window, It doesn't res up to final quality."

    We've lightened the post-processing which is done when you stand still, this is to help with lagging which could occur before when navigating around. If you still wish to revert that, let me know and I'll forward your wish to the developers. ;)

  • Well, depends. If I'm doing a VR walk through, does it res up to final quality? I really liked the fact that it res'd up. This way I can sit with a client and walk around without having to wear a headset and they can see the final quality. Regarding the light leaks. Is it a thin wall issue? I'm asking because my workflow typically does not included cleaning up the sketchUp model. I typical take what the designer has built, refine the textures and lighting and generate the animations with Enscape.

  • vjaramillo , this functionality was never implemented for VR, since there'll always be tiny camera movements even when the person wearing the headset is standing still. :)

    Further, indeed, thin walls can be the cause for light leaks. Making them thicker usually helps with resolving this behavior!

  • So far I understand render engines are using a bias, a little offset between shadow and object. It's needed and most needed if you work with shadow maps. So, I suppose the bias could be smaller, but his could cause problems for blurring the shadows and getting artefacts. (Maybe some can give a better explanation. ;) )

  • If you set the quality to Ultra, the quality difference between resting and screenshot is very small. For a screenshot, 100ms is very quick, but if Enscape takes 100ms per frame while resting and "refining" your image, an input latency of >50ms feels bad. This gets worse on weaker machines. And as Demian already said, this was never the case for VR.