Issue with asset library

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  • Hello there.

    we have an issue with asset library (biblioteca de activos)

    when i got to open it, appears this message: "Se ha producido un error inesperado al acceder a la biblioteca de recursos. No se puede encontrar una parte de la ruta de accesso a c: \Users\Javier\Desktop\Ensacape bloques"

    more or less in english: "An unexpected error occurred while accessing the resource library. Cannot find a part of the path to c: \Users\Javier\Desktop\Ensacape bloques"

    i think some way the folder path was changed, but i cant find the correct path or where i can change it.

    some recomendation?


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    Hi yuditec - right away, I can see that you've also acquired the library offline, please try turning the Offline function off, and on again. This will trigger an update, in many cases restoring the data already. Does that do the trick?

    Should that make no difference, can you please delete the folder %temp%\Enscape\Assets and restart Enscape? You can also find the folder via this path: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\Assets\

    If the issue persists still thereafter, please be so kind as to send us an error report including the log files as seen here, and add your email address in the feedback report as well, so we may connect the provided data to this ticket.

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    thanks, fix the problems


    Perfect, thanks for letting us know!