Enscape Redering

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  • Have You done some material setup? Looks like pretty straight up default settings.. Do You know whats PBR material?

    Specially floor looks so flat.. like it should be hhh.. no reflections, no bump.. and very clear repeatable pattern. Maybe try something from ENScape material library. This one looks like wood but feels like rug.

    and chandelier.. I can see some not too strong light comes of it but light source is not shiny.. maybe give some self-illuminated material to the wire inside of lightbulb.

    Do You know what is IES light profile.?


    And add some sleepers on the floor in semi random rotation and position.. or book on this seat in front of the bed. Little mess does not break the composition and always make the scene look more natural.

    For me as well it is way to much lightened.. I know You have turned on all the lamps in the room but even under the bed and drawers it is pretty bright. Do You have some extra filling light sources?

  • hello, thanks for replying.

    I did some changes in Enscape material editor but it was not showing any changes. yes I know PBR material I downloaded few from ambientCG. I just started with material so for floors I didnt done any thing I was working first on ottoman. I want it to velevt fabric look.

    I have on question I selected my Ottoman seat went to material editor but when you check material editor tab its showing editing for lights I place in my sketchup file. I just changed color to coral and it put that color on my lights rather than my ottoman.

    I placed yellow color on my lights I attached pictures like this .

    This velvet PBR material I downloaded from a website I think ambientCG it provided me with these

  • Are You quite new to sKetchup as well? I know some other programs like Blender apply material rather to object than to specific face...

    In sKetchup when You select an object (Group or Component) Material Tab will not show You material applied to this object. Entity Info will show this material (but it doesn't mean it is a material which You can actually see on the faces). You have to pick or select the material You want to Edit. Press [B], press or hold [Alt], pick material in model area.

    With some materials even when You use PBR difference is not obvious. And some aspects of material require quite skillful play with lights to fully show its properties. Thats why I said Your scene is very evenly lighted.. in this light all look similar. Like reflective material shows it very well if You look against quite strong light, and on specific angles only very often.

    Maybe try some velour material from ENScape material library. Apply it to some bart of Your ottoman seat and compare the look.. Match the Albedo colour in sKetchup material editor.

    Maybe If You see no difference in material try go up with Rendering Quality in ENScape settings.. Should be on default to High but check it.


    This is ENS material.. Maybe Try to go with settings of the material to extremely high values just to see if it really does or doesn't react to changes.. and it is easier as well to catch good angle and light when material is exaggerated.


    Maybe try my visual presets for interior render, see if it looks better..

  • hello,

    sorry for late reply... not very new to SketchUp. I figured it out how I can change Material in Sketchup. I was not very familiar with PBR , did some research to understand it little better but I am still learning about it.

    with bart do you mean the metal base of my ottoman?? I am working on materials. I got stuck with my throw I can't map material on it the way I want to. so I was searching for tutorials to understand it.

  • Hello

    hope you are well

    I am stuck with material mapping and making my own Throw for my demo project yes sure I will put pictures soon.

    learning extension is a pretty good job, making curtains pillows and throws mapping my own textures. plus learning new as well. I am a self groomed interior designer so I might take longer then others.

  • hello,

    Hope you are well.

    this is the updated picture of my project. I am facing problems with lighting my Enscape time is set to 9:00 AM but I cant see light through windows. my lightning is not very good its not giving me a natural look.

    any suggestions?

  • Maybe You have different time set up in ENScape view. it is possible for ENScape to remember its own time per view different from this set up in sKetchup. Go to View Management [F] and check that setting..

    It is a bit yellowish.. maybe try first set up Your materials with pure white lights and add colour to the lights later..