Enscape won't allow to cancel membership

REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.
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    We've tried to cancel our membership online but that option was not available on your website. Why is that so when other providers eg. Microsoft, Apple, Netflix etc. provide that option.

    Having looked at the Enscape forum, we've noticed the same issue come up multiple times with other users. This sort of thing leaves a very bad taste in our mouth. As a business, you need to be transparent and honest.

    We tried to contact you via email to cancel it but did not get any response. We now got charged for the new annual membership for A$838.80. We'd like an immediate refund for this amount.



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    Welcome to our Forum.

    Right away, to effectively cancel your license(s) you can simply turn off the automatic renewal of your subscription(s) accordingly. The option to disable auto-renewal is available up to 14 days prior to the renewal date for monthly licenses and 30 days for yearly licenses and can be setup via your Enscape account.

    Furthermore, which e-mail address did you use to contact us, and just in case it was perhaps support@enscape3d.com then please be aware that this address is deprecated and we reccomend submitting requests via our help center or feedback button:

    How do I contact Support? - News & FAQ - Enscape Community Forum

    If you've already reached out to us this way, can you please share the e-mail you've used so that I can look up the actual request (via a direct message ideally for confidentially)? In case you haven't reached out to us this way prior (help center or feedback button), feel free to do so of course and you'll be assisted shortly thereafter.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi

    We just noticed that you have now placed the option to disable auto-renewal on our account since our recent message to you. This is too late and should have been done prior to the deadline of the subscription renewal when we could have used it to cancel our subscription.

    We will also send a separate email about this and provide the email we used to contact you.


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    FEA , there have of course been no changes made in retrospect to your account after being contacted.

    Allow me to add what we also detail in our knowledgebase article here regarding Enscape accounts and renewal rules generally to clear up any confusion:

    The auto-renewal can be disabled until 30 days (yearly subscriptions) or 14 days (monthly subscriptions) prior to the upcoming renewal date. If the subscription renews within the next 30/14 days, the disable button will not be visible anymore. It is possible to enable the subscription until 1 day prior to the renewal date.

    This has been setup in such way due to the fact that as per our EULA monthly subscriptions have to be cancelled 14 days, and yearly subscriptions 30 days prior to renewing.

    Since I still cannot locate any inquiries from you in our system (using your Forum e-mail), feel free to let me know which e-mail address you've used to contact us. As mentioned prior, kindly share that e-mail address via a direct message for confidentially, especially if you haven't heard back from us yet. Should our licensing team have already reached out to you at this point, then you can ignore this additional step, otherwise I'd appreciate the cooperation.

  • Hi

    We can't access the direct message to send you the email address. The direct message function is not working.

    We did not receive any prior message about subscription renewal which should be normal practice. Our attempts to cancel our subscription via 'Account Management' was not successful as cancellation button for autorenewal was not there. This option only came up after the due date which was very sneaky and unacceptable.

    We demand that you refund the subscription fee as we no longer need your service. As mentioned multiple times, we did not receive response to our email about cancellation of subscription. Every other service we use provides us with prior notice to decide on whether to go on with the service or not. Yours didn't.