Better Grass Along Edges - What's the best method?

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  • I don't do a lot of exterior landscape projects but have a few coming up and am struggling with the way grass acts along pathway edges. The grass/ground material underneath is visible along the edge and the grass edge seems like flat cliff, even with the lowest height setting.

  • The solution I see, is to have the edge between the grass area & the soil area drawn organically, not with a straight or curved line. The only issue it's a time consuming method, so keep that in mind.

    Even if I hand draw the grass/mulch line, the grass always seems to keep a "buffer" from the edge line, causing a noticeable gap where the texture shows. And also the cliff like edges of grass, even at low height.

  • The Enscape grass model is a group of several clumps of grass with some spacing between clumps.

    In a regular situation, the individual groups overlap thus visually eliminating the spaces.


    When we get to the edge of the surface there isn’t an adjacent group to overlap the nearest placed group (my brain can’t invent a better way of wording this) and we see the spacing between the clumps.


    Enscape reinvent the built-in grass model/method or….

    You use the Skatter plugin (assuming you’re using SketchUp) which will do proper grass right up to the edge of anything but…. It’ll cost you in processing time/capacity.

    What I do is use ProfileBuilder to run a 50mm wide pincurb around every surface transition to hide the gaps between the clumps:

    Alternative Skatter grass:

  • Hello. What grass model did you use for seeding?