Tell us how you add panoramas to your workflow!

  • Dear Forum Community!

    We are working on a new article for our blog all about panoramas and want to hear from you!

    We’re looking for use cases in the following categories:

    · Viewing panoramas on a Cardboard device

    · Integrating panoramas into floorplans, posters and presentations via QR codes

    · Opening panoramas quickly on-site via QR codes

    · Easily sharing panoramas with clients via QR or weblink

    Additionally, we want to know how you showcase your panoramas. Do you use specific tools or apps to view and link them together? What tools do you use to customize your QR codes?

    To help other users discover how they can more effectively use panoramas, we want to hear from those of you who already know and love the function.

    Let us know; we would love to feature some examples of how you use panoramas in our post! Thank you so much in advance. :)

  • I've integrated them into our website, here's an example project:…b9d50b28f4d05b9d50b28f519

    Most of the recent projects (Portfolio page) on the site all have pano's

    My process is:

    • Fire up Enscape
    • Wander around model finding suitable locations for a pano and save the views
    • After I've saved all the views I rename the Scenes Pano-01, Pano-02, Pano-03 etc
    • Select all the Pano scenes in Enscape's ManageVews so I can quickly move between them in the Enscape window
    • In Enscape window I go to one of the External scenes
    • I turn OFF AutoExposure in Enscape settings and play with the exposure value till its about right
    • Render the external Panos
    • Go to one of the internal scenes and adjust the exposure to suite
    • Render the internal panos
    • When done I go the Enscape's My Panoramas and upload them and then download them locally, each one is a png 4000x2000px
    • I then convert them to jpg to reduce their file size
    • Each one is uploaded to the projects page where I can individually set things like fov, rotation speed, direction etc etc. I usually just set the initial look at point and direction of rotation.
    • And that's basically it.


    • It would be wonderful to be able to batch render panos like we can with images
    • Why do I have to upload a pano to your server to be able to have the image locally? I often go back through and delete the uploaded version simply to save space on Enscape's server.
    • I render to png and then convert to jpg as I feel I get better quality ... I do the same for images.
    • I turn off auto exposure otherwise each of the 16 or so images that are rendered to generate the pano would have their own exposure.
    • I used the Pannellum library to enable me to integrate the panos in our site:
    • Pannellum supports the gyros in phones and tablets so viewers can easily look around
    • I plan to do more with Pannellum especially with tour mode where I'll be able to jump from pano to pano. There's a new version of the CMS software I use currently in beta that will enable me to achieve it
    • Once we get a 360 camera It'll be the same process to add panos from finished buildings to the site.
  • Currently, I only send panoramics via weblinks to clients to get a good idea of the space that I just designed for them. They can easily view it on their phone and quickly get back to me with new ideas/changes without having to be on a computer which makes the process much faster.

    I plan to place QR codes right onto the construction document seeing that the field loves to see the space before building it out and it generally gives the workers an end result to work towards. However, the one thing I see that is missing from panoramics are the ability to place callouts indicating what the finishes are on the walls, ceiling, and floors as well as furniture and lighting. If there was a way for me to annotate and indicate what each element was for the builders, that would be super helpful instead of having them flip back and forth between the finish schedule and the plan.

  • I like the matterport solution to walk through a scanned scene/real estate. Very clean and nice transitions. Also possible to add content with clickable icons. But it’s only from real physical scans/panoramas.

    Would be great to be able to do something similar in enscape with virtual models.

  • We have used the Panoramics on a live project on site. We developed certain areas of the building that were of significant importance to the client (reception areas, classrooms).

    In Revit we produced floor plans with a QR code in the area where the view is taken from, this was all judged by having our world coordinates set up correctly. We produced a poster that included the floor plan and associated QR code as well as instructions on how to open the file.

    Once scanned on a smart phone or device, the user was then taken to what would be the final outcome infront of them. This was particularly useful for giving an idea of space before any partitions were installed on site.

    It worked really well and all the clients were extremely happy with the final outcome.

    Credit: Noviun Architects

    Credit: Noviun Architects

  • I like the matterport solution to walk through a scanned scene/real estate. Very clean and nice transitions. Also possible to add content with clickable icons. But it’s only from real physical scans/panoramas.

    Would be great to be able to do something similar in enscape with virtual models.

    I agree, the ability to add clickable icons and a path is a good idea. We are looking at using Matterport for recording site conditions and downloadable links to site documentation.

    Matterport reference space . Within the space we will be putting links to Enscape panoramas and models, red post is for enscape model and blue post for dxf of site dimensions. Enscape model referenced in matterport space

    We have also been trying to add the Enscape panoramas and web standalone models to our website, have uploaded a standalone and a panorama to a page on our website just using "iframe" code.

    test page

    the panorama works fine.

    the web stand alone needs more work as you can only navigate and not use the keys, I am sure someone with coding knowledge could get it working?

    work in progress....

  • srj10 opening your test page locks up my browser completely and I'm on a quickish machine.

    You need to disable the autoload so the user has to click to view it, better still have the enscape window iFramed in a lightbox with a button/thumbnail/image as the launcher.

  • I use panoramas to make presentations of projects for clients and their customers

    I combine panos taken with drones imported to enscape, then export panos with enscape and add it as an interactive presentation on my website

    One issue with my workflow is that the enscape panorama import severly degrades the imported drone panoramas. I would like to see the resolution in the imports increase.

    See an example project here:

  • For each project I produce a couple of external images, some internal shots looking around the room(s) and a panorama. Our sales person then takes these to the client's property and can use the panorama to show them around the new work; this lets the clients themselves 'explore' the room and look around themselves.

    Our new showroom will have a dedicated room to present walk-through's where the client will be able to come in and be guided through the model of their project - not sure what role the panorama will take, but it is much easier to navigate this than a full 3D model and we have control of where the client can look/go within the model.

    (During the development of the showroom, QR codes have been printed out, laminated and placed at key areas within the showroom so that the people working on it have a good idea of what the end result should look like.)

  • Hey hosamshair , may I ask, which software has been used to create the walkthrough at hand? :) Thanks a lot in advance.