Saving the scene name into the panorama xml’s as a value

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  • I’ve asked this some time ago but I’ll try again.

    I (and others here) regularly save 30+ pano’s to jpg’s, this is a royal pita as it’s a laborious process that has to be done very very carefully as there are no scene names in the pano section of the upload management dialog.

    What’s more I (and I assume others) have to do this repeatedly as edits are made to the model and individual/groups/all panos are re-rendered and re-saved.

    I’ve already worked out how to batch extract the base64 image from 1 or all panos but without being able to ref the scene name within the xml structure this is next to useless


    Please please please include the SU scene name (or whatever they’re called in other apps) in the xml file structure.