Grasshopper support, open API?

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  • Hi Enscape Dev,

    Just want to know if there is any plan to let Enscape support Grasshopper, especially now that Enscape is part of Chaos, and since Vray already supports grasshopper.

    If not can you please at least consider provide API calls to Enscape functions from inside Rhino so we can develop custom computational workflow ourselves?

    A lot of things to automate and improve that are currently not possible with the basic Enscape menu:

    1. mass generate Enscape custom asset from blocks

    2. better view-to-setting link management, currently it's quite difficult to track up to 10 views or more and constant adjustment

    3. quick color iteration study, for example different colors on a 3 color combinations study, easily more than 20 options that will take forever to do with basic Enscape setup and batch rendering will not help

    4. quick design iteration study, like if we need to render 5-10 different options right now we have to use some kind of hide/show workflow in Rhino and click render over and over again and sit them and wait, where if we can automate this we can run it on a rendering server and finish other tasks during that time

    Thank you!