IES Lights and how to add quality lights on Rhino

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  • Hi,

    As a software focused on architects, Enscape really needs IES lights in Rhino.
    Rhino lights are not great and trying to achieve a good-looking light in Rhino involves using multiple lights with different light cones and intensities.
    Also, nowadays we have IES profiles for every light fixture we would use in real life, making our images look way closer to the final built product and also helping in the process of developing a light design for a project.

    I know IES Lights in Rhino is a long-time request and the Enscape team already said it is a limitation on Rhino.
    It also was advised for us to ask for it to the MCneel developers.
    Unfortunately, up to today they have not shown any intention to implement IES lights in their software.

    I would suggest, instead of using Rhino lights to have IES, just having a mini tool that will add a placeholder object and have color (RGB and also kelvin) and intensity (lumens) sliders.
    Then it swaps it to an IES light in the Enscape render window, something similar to what is done with the proxies for assets.
    I believe Vray already does something like that

    I would like to ask the Enscape team where this issue stands right now.

    Thanks a lot.

  • A bit of a history here. VrayIES, first becomes available since 2008.

    15 years later we are "requesting" this feature to be added to Rhino.

    I hope Enscape can focus more on its core rendering features that could help designers and artists produce better work.