Export to V-ray Crash

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  • I sent out a feedback report on this as well, but in case anyone else has this problem, maybe it can be easier to find the solution here when it comes.

    Exporting scenes to V-Ray causes Sketchup to crash. Doesn't matter if the file is relatively large with a ton of scenes, or relatively tiny with very few scenes.


    Enscape 3.5.5+122071

    RTX 3070 Studio Drivers 546.01

    98Gb Ram

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    Thank you for also sending in a feedback report joshtays , we appreciate it.

    You might've seen it already but you've also received a response with further inquiries, so kindly get back to us via e-mail through that report. This will help us with analyzing the cause behind this further especially if this may perhaps only persist in (a) certain project(s) of yours. Much appreciated!