Panorama could not be uploaded - Error during Upload

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  • When trying to upload a panorama we get the following error:

    There is not an issue with the panorama itself as we were able to upload it successfully to a 3rd party pano viewer.

    We are running the latest version on Revit23 and Enscape:

    We have tested and recreated the issue on two computers, and with several views and projects. We tried even exporting just one tree at lowest possible resolution with the same result.

    We are able to access the Asset Library without issue. What else could be the cause?

    • Official Post

    ryan.gorman , whenever you experience an issue like that, please ideally also submit a feedback report alongside including log files as detailed here:…eedback-button-win-revit/

    After receiving the report with your logs we'll be able to troubleshoot the cause behind this further as soon as possible.

    Meanwhile you can also feel free to check out this knowledgebase article here, to ensure that your firewall/windows defender or similar for example is not blocking the connection to our panorama servers specifically.

    If that doesn't help, simply let me know as well once the report has been sent in so that we can investigate. Thank you in advance.