Animated 3d object under Enscape environment : a next step ?

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  • Hye,

    Short question about Enscape development in 3d animation.

    Is there any possibility at the short and medium term to be able to use animated 3d objet in Enscape like in Twinmotion ?

    I realy hope the Enscape team is working on it because everytimes i 'm using enscape to show our 3d bulding models, we have unanimously

    good returns about texturing and 3d object quality but we have also unanimously reget about none animated environnement.

    Sorry about my frenchglish, hope you got my think.

    best regards

  • Enscape doesn't support animated 3D objects in its environment like Twinmotion does. While Enscape excels in texturing and rendering quality, the lack of animated elements has been noted by users. While I can't provide details on Enscape's future development plans, it's possible that they're considering implementing animated objects based on user feedback. I recommend reaching out directly to Enscape for further information. In the meantime, you can continue using Enscape's strengths for architectural presentations while keeping an eye out for any updates on animated features.