Allow us to enlarge/expand the batch render window!

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  • We have a specific way of naming our furniture visualisation renderings. Each version of the furniture has multiple (at times a dozen) views to show it from different angles and the views have numbers at the end. The problem is, if I want to use the batch rendering window to render some of the scenes (see the checkmarks in screenshot) I cannot see the numbers and therefore I have no idea what exactly I am choosing to be rendered.

    In this example I have 9 scenes per each version. Each version is named carefully as XYZ 1, XYZ 1, XYZ 3 etc. I need to render only Scenes 1, 7 and 9. Because I can't stretch the window, I cannot see the end of the scene name and therefore I have to manually count from top to bottom every single time.

    Enscape, please fix this in your next release! Allow us to stretch the sides of the batch render window!