Enscape material editor no longer linking to pre-selected SketchUp material (need to re-select)

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  • Since the latest Enscape for Mac update, the Enscape material editor no longer links to a pre-selected SketchUp material and you have to re-select the material in SketchUp after launching the Material window. Previously, I could pick a material in SketchUp, then launch the Enscape material editor and the SketchUp material would already be populated in the Enscape material editor window. This would be the expected behavior. Now, when I pick a material in Sketchup and launch the Enscape material editor, the window opens up with no material selected, so I have to go back to SketchUp and re-select the material every time. This seems like a bug. This happens in both SketchUp 2022 and 2023 with the latest version of Enscape.

    And, in SketchUp 2022, there is also an added issue of having to hit the export screenshot shortcut twice, whereas prior to the update, once focused on the Enscape window, I only had to hit the shortcut once. This feels like a focus bug.