Enscape realistic video rendering

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  • Hi everyone, im an architecture 3D artist.

    I just returned to work after a few years of inactivity. There are many new things in the software, one of them is enscape. I accidentally learned about enscape through a former colleague of mine. and it's surprising what enscape brings. I'm still using the PC I used to work with a long time ago (7 years ago). and luckily, it still works fine with enscape. This is a new project I just made it. and the rendering I get is quite soft, the lighting of enscape I consider quite good. Although there are a few things that are unsatisfactory, overall it's good. I hope you like my work. Thanks a lot

    Video rendering:

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  • Are You sure that the video was made with ENScape? I mean I have no idea how to do the light beam effect in dusty air or moving flame on candles.. And I never imagined something as specific as Architecture 3D Artist to be a profession, though it sounds like it is exactly what I do .. like last 2 or 3 years..


    Ok.. I could use a video texture for the flame.. I did once similar thing with the air-conditioning cooler fan.