SKP model not appearing in Enscape (Mac)

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  • My model is about 300MB. It was created in sketchup for windows and works well on Enscape win. When I load it in sketchup for mac it looks perfect. When it loads in Enscape Mac (no error msg), there are no objects at all -- just ground and sky.

    I am on current everything: Sketchup Version 23.1.341, Enscape 2.0.1, on a brand-new MacBook pro M3 Max.

    I tried an Enscape test model, which worked, and super small test models (just a couple of objects), also made in sketchup win, work too.

    Are there known attributes that cause the model to fail without generating an error?

    thank you.

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    mesh , I am sorry to hear about that and welcome to our Forum.

    In this regard please reach out to one of our Mac specialists via our dedicated Help Center, or even better through a feedback report (via the feedback button) as detailed here:

    Using the Feedback Button - Enscape

    We may have to receive the project/scene as well thereafter, but you'll get further instructions or perhaps even a solution right away after submitting said report.

    Thank you very much in advance.