Enscape reduces texture quality depending on the scale of the mesh, regardless of texture resolution! Allow us to decide on our own!

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  • I had to make a separate thread about this, although there are several similar posts already.

    For those who didn't know, your 4K textures are useless if your 3D models are small objects! And no, even using 2K textures won't help you.

    Apparently Enscape decides on its own if it will use your high quality texture or mess it up and there's nothing you can do about it.

    I've been playing around with this for the past hour, and I'm left somewhat disappointed and speechless because this is a huge problem!

    In product 3D visualisations, the scale of the objects are much smaller than in the architecture industry. I discovered to my shock today, that Enscape internally and automatically degrades textures depending on the scale of the mesh. Here's proof:

    This is a camera with a height of around 7.5 cm. All the textures and maps used are 4K.

    The maps and the albedo are very detailed and crisp. Here's what they look like in the SketchUp viewport:

    Now here's what an Enscape render of the same viewport looks like when the camera is its designed 1:1 size:

    Look at this! I am asking myself, is this acceptable behaviour in 2023? Now look what happens when I close the Enscape window, scale up the 3D modell 100x in SketchUp without changing any textures, and start Enscape again:

    Suddenly Enscape decided that it will grace us with its capability of utilising the whole detail of the 4K texture. How is this acceptable? There is no way I can use this camera as a detailed 3D asset in a future scene. If I import it at a 1:1 model, Enscape will mess up its textures. I can scale it up, start Enscape, then scale it down while Enscape is still running. Then it will work, but if I close Enscape or decide to continue the work on a later day, I will have to start this dumb workaround process of scaling models up and down all over again! And if you have several 3D assets in your scene, then good luck playing that up-down game for another 2 hours.

    Why do other real time rendering programs such as D5 Render not have limitations like these, and Enscape does? This is pushing it too close to the edge in my opinion.

    Enscape team, please let us decide how to render our textures, not Enscape! This is unacceptable for a product visualisation pipeline! Essentially this means that Enscape does not support 4K textures. This same problem occurs when I use the 2K version of the Albedo. Even the 2K texture gets degraded if the 3D model is the size of a palm. It purely depends on the scale of the mesh, not on the texture size.

    Demian Gutberlet please pass this to your managing department. I cannot stress out how crucial this is for any self-respecting 3D Artist, I'm sure most of your users would agree with me.

    And if anyone has a miracle workaround, please let me know because I have no idea what to do in this situation. Thank you!