Proposed changes to View Settings & Output Settings UI

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  • I’d like to suggest a number of changes to the View Settings window as well as splitting Output Settings to its own window.

    I believe that my proposed changes will simplify view management and make batch export a lot more flexible and useful.

    This is all best illustrated with a diagram. Please study the attached PDF carefully. I am keen to hear everyone‘s opinions and happy to clarify my suggested changes.

    Settings UI and functionality.pdf

  • tomek_piatek

    Changed the title of the thread from “Proposed View Settings & Output Settings UI” to “Proposed changes to View Settings & Output Settings UI”.
  • I am all for UI redesign. It is painful, navigating through the UI on a daily basis. As a Designer myself I don't understand what's happening behind the curtains on the management floor. This needs to be addressed much earlier than the current roadmap objectives.

    UI, UX, 3D assets, and refined rendering features - 4 of the most crucial aspects that Enscape should fix before it's too late.