Support VWX 2024?

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  • Hi,

    We see this message about the new preview update for Enscape and once we open the link, on top of stating that the version is unstable, we see that there is no support for 2024. Is this a sign that Enscape is slowly going away from Vectorworks?

    We are a landscape architecture office and switched from CAD>Rhino>Enscape to Vectorworks Landmark>Enscape this year. And the workflow is clearly not as smooth as Rhino> Enscape, we haven't actually been able to use it yet to produce material, and we always end up going back to Rhino so far. We were hoping for some new update to solve our problems, but now we see this:

    We are at this point where we are thinking of keeping or not the licenses on Enscape for 2024, we love enscape, but does it have a future with Vectowrworks?

    • Official Post

    Hi FelixB thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    The current versions of Enscape (starting with 3.5.3) should also support Vectorworks 2024 already.

    If you still experience problems after installing either our latest preview or release Enscape 3.5.5, definitely submit us a feedback report with log files which will reach our technical support team directly, allowing them to have a look into everything from said logs to general machine information in order to troubleshoot any problems further:…k-button-win-vectorworks/

    EDIT: The preview and download page have been updated to reflect the support of VW 2024.