ERROR - VR Monted Display not found - HTC Focus 3

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  • Hi!

    We have the problem that Enscape cannot find the head mounted display, althou we have a connection with the Computer via Steam VR & Vive Bussinesstreaming.

    We use Skechup - Enscape 23 - Steam VR - VIVE - Bussines Streaming - VIVE Focus 3

    If we render an .exe file and open it - the head mounted display is found.

    (But we have to cange materials & ligting so for the presentation this ist no option.)

    Can anyone help?


    • Official Post

    Please kindly make sure to also submit this through a feedback report as usual:

    Using the Feedback Button - Enscape

    Since the HTC Focus 3 may not be used as frequently by users compared to say a Meta Quest (2) we would appreciate receiving all your log files and machine information alongside for further troubleshooting. You do not have to re-install a more current version or so of Enscape for this either, at least not yet.

    Simply copy what you have posted here in the submission form before sending said report in. And last but not least feel free to let me know once submitted as well and I'll also have a look to see if we've received everything accordingly.