Rhino 8: Status quo and next steps

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  • The workaround works fine (as you say), and for all new projects this is "an acceptable limitation" for a render engine. The issue is mostly when quickly re-renderingen old project whit small changes or cases where the change to native material changes the surface behavior in other Rhino viewport-modes.

    Many of the remainding bugs is things i personally have lived with through 3.5 as well, because i choose to endure limitations to my work method to get some features i have missed when using enscape. But for most of our users they are unwilling to accept the slower speed and the lack of ability to run the program while modelling, and they are less aware of the subtle (but IMO important) changes to light and detailing.

    If i should come with a proposal for a development track that would reignite my positive view on Enscape it would be the introduction of tiers in "difficulty/complexity" levels to the engine:

    A "light" mode - somewhere in between the current quality and the browser-version, but crusially able to run on integrated graphics like Xe or Radeon Graphics (You could sell more licenses if the regular laptop guys could open models at meetings without a gamer laptop). This should be done by only using cubemapping reflections or screenspace - no ray tracing and maybe no parallax displacement. Limitation to shadows from spotlight etc.

    A "normal" mode - The same as today - maybe capped raytracing to make the experience equal om most desktops with at least a RTX2060 card.

    A "Advanced" mode - This could enable you to open up for features that for now is kept from us to protect the average user: AO maps, Specular maps, Individual UV-channels for different maps, Ability to add a dirt-map in a new channel (multiplied to diffuse/gloss), maybe even make the dirt with a tickbox to choose self-dirt or affected by other. A slider for dirt amount. A rounding effect (like round corner in D5 and similar in Lumion, using a normalmap to fake a fillet on a corner on a material). Maybe a tickbox to enable translucency to all native Enscape nature (would destroy most computers, so only available in advanced where the user may me knowledgebe enough to limit the scene and have a large GPU). An option to give a density map to grass height (same workflow needed as with the multiple mapping channels - could be used for snow/sand-displacement too). I think this could be done quite elegantly in your current UI. - let me know if you want to hire me for a visual proposal ;)

  • HNY People have been posting on the forum for years about adding more complexity to Enscape for more advanced users. Its not coming, you can't expect the Little Tikes truck of live-rendering engines to come with the functionality of a Toyota HiLux. This company has pushed its focus towards capturing the market by volume of users over quality of renders since the merger and its time to jump ship if your expecting anything else.

  • Tearch One can always hope. I'm well aware of the policy/intentions of Enscape which is why i suggest it as a global setting to go into "advanced mode". Most likely inside the EnscapeOpenGeneralSettingsCommand with a tick box. And probably a "reset to normal" button inside Enscape to save all the less advanced users of the hassle of understanding.

    If I were doing the roadmap for the program I would be concerned with the potential quality of native rendering inside the different CAD programs. If a realtime viewport mode existed with decent light inside e.g. Rhino, why would i bother to open (and pay) Enscape? Assets would be the initial answer, but that too could be replaced by native stuff or other "asset plugins" with the added benefit of being platform free.

  • Basic Compatibility issues between Rhino 7 & 8 files.

    Let me start by saying, I'm not sure why paying customers have to do so much basic testing to make the Rhino implementation better. Enscape 4.0 compatibility issues with Rhino 7 & 8 have been quite a disappointment. I know the Rhino API is complex but that's the product choice so manage it. The SDK is frozen between major releases and there have been 10 releases of Enscape 4.0 including previews, without solving this basic compatibility issue.

    The issue here is that Rhino 7 files are incompatible with Rhino 8 when using Enscape. This is detrimental for ALL customers transitioning from Rhino 7 to 8 and expecting Enscape to perform similarly.

    For example this simple Rhino 7 file with a single Enscape Oak Tree Asset Rhino7_Enscape_Tree.zip

    Rhino 8 Left (with a Rhino 7 file open) and Rhino 7 Right (with the original file open)

    When the similar Rhino 8 asset is placed, the object details clearly show the only difference between the Rhino 8 asset and the Rhino 7 asset is the Block GUID. If this was the same across both would Rhino 8 open and render Rhino 7 files?

    Rhino files have always been able to be down saved and older files have always opened in newer versions of Rhino teams don't just throw away Rhino 7 models and start re-modeling their projects in 8. I'm aware saving Rhino 7 files without the Plugin Data will allow the geometry to preview but this is not a solution when all the work of texturing and asset placement in Rhino 7 is lost in Rhino 8.

    At least help me understand why Rhino 7 files aren't compatible with Rhino 8 after 10 releases of 4.0? I've already sent this issue directly through the support button with my logs. My hope is that other community members may have found a solution to this critical issue.

    • Official Post

    BFrederick , right away thank you very much for also reaching out to our support team by reporting this via the support button, we will definitely be further looking into this to also resolve this behavior accordingly as quickly as we can so your cooperation to this point is appreciated.

    After this has been more closely investigated in detail by our developers we will reach out to you in case we need any further information as well.

    Once there are any additional news or actual updates I can share I will also openly do so here soon. Thank you once again for just a bit more patience in this regard.