Asset Library Panel Bug

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  • 1) serach for or filter down assets in the asset library panel. The results show always show 3 or more columns.

    2) select an asset in any coumn that is n ot the far right solumn and attempt to place it in the scene

    3) the asset in the same row but in the far right solumn gets mistakenly placed.

    • Official Post

    Thank you for the report jaybehr .

    Right away since I was not able to reproduce this problem myself yet, do you experience this with our latest release Enscape 3.5.6 too? Also, does it make a difference for you if you resize the Asset Library before trying to place an asset that isn't in the far right column?

    If possible please also let me know to which resolution your main monitor is currently set to, alongside a brief video recording ideally of this behavior or at least a screenshot where I can see the asset library panel in context with the rest of the elements on your screen.

    Thanks a lot once more in advance.