360° Renders took longer now

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    visupro , can you roughly define how much longer it takes for you to render a panorama? Something like 25%, or 100% longer compared to the previous duration? And at this point I reckon you refer to Enscape 3.5.6 which you've installed? And does this occur in any project or only a select one?

    In case this increase in panorama rendering times is bothering you or doesn't feel "natural" please also submit a feedback report with logs:

    Using the Feedback Button - select your design app - Enscape

    This allows us to easily see if your GPU drivers / Enscape is up to date alongside checking out said log files for any potential issues.

    Thank you in advance and please also feel free to let me know once submitted.

  • Since a recent update I've noticed that when rendering a pano the 1st 2 renders are super wide-angle views of the front and back of the camera position, I assume these are to set the exposure etc so that we don't get the occasional bad join we used to see.

    Obviously adding these 2 renders will increase the time it takes for each pano to render but if it means better quality then I'm all for it.