Error starting Enscape: The name matches no Field in this Entity's Schema. Parameter name: fieldName

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  • Hello,

    I am having an issue with a building file that fails to launch Enscape and then crashes when I try to fill out and send the Enscape Error Report. Hopefully I can get some help here.

    To start with, I am working on Windows 11, using Revit 2024.2.0, Enscape 3.5.6, and the NVIDIA Studio Driver 546.01. All drivers and software are up to date. I am on an Alienware m15 R4 with an RTX 3080 and 32GB of RAM.

    When I open the file in Revit I get the following error:

    "The file being loaded is causing a conflict with existing data in the model. What do you want to do?

    "The file contains data of schema "EnscapeMaterial" (from which has the same ID as a different schema already in memory. If the file is loaded, the existing data will be erased from the model."

    I click the "Continue loading the file" button and the file opens normally.

    I am aware that Revit 2024 has had some issues with Schema Data and Autodesk has claimed that versions 2024.1.2 and 2024.2.0 have dealt with those issues. Sadly, after updating Revit they still seem to persist.

    When I attempt to launch Enscape i get the following message:

    "Error starting Enscape The name matches no field in this Entity's Schema. Parameter name: fieldName"

    "You have more than one graphics chip. If you keep running into start-up problems, follow the link below for instructions on how to disable your integrated graphics chip. If this doesn't help, please visit our troubleshooting page to check if your graphics card is compatible with Enscape. If the troubleshooting page does not help solving your problem, please send us feedback by clicking on "Send Error Report". We will be glad to help you out." -I have followed these steps and they did not help the issue. In addition, other files render just fine with Enscape using the exact same settings.

    I have done the following steps to try and identify any issues but have reached the end of what I think I can do:

    I have this "problem" building file and multiple other building files linked into a master site file. I will get the above error message when launching Enscape with this files workset loaded. If I unload the workset containing the "problem" building file then Enscape launches and runs without issue rendering the site and all other linked in files. This seems to rule out the second part of the error message that refers to the "more than one graphics chip....."

    I have also opened the "problem" building file and have isolated individual worksets by unloading and reloading them one at a time. I was able to get Enscape to launch sucessfully for about half of the worksets in the file leading me to believe that the issue lies with a specific piece of geometry or material asset that is assigned to some geometry found on the worksets that will not render.

    Beyond narrowing it down to some specific worksets I have not been able get any further. Does anybody here have any ideas?

  • Update#1

    After reading some other posts on this forum I was able to clear the first schema error when opening the file. I opened a detached copy with an audit, then went to the file's folder location on the server and moved the original central file and it's coordinating backup folder to an archive drive before saving the detached copy of the central model.

    However, the second error still persisted and Enscape still failed to launch with this new file.

    Then I opened a detached copy of this new central without the first schema error and ran the "Wipe" tool from the PyRevit Add-in. This deleted all of the materials and material assets in the model. I know this was/is the nuclear option but it seemed to do the trick. I was able to finally get enscape to launch successfully. Al be it without any materials. This is obviously not the final solution, but it does help to point to the problem. I am thinking that there are corrupt material assets in this file. Potentially materials that were created by importing materials in from the Enscape Material library.