Absolute Top View

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  • Dear all,

    I got a whole site model and want to extract a top view used as diagrammatic key plan.

    But I realize that it is quite difficult for Enscape to follow Sketchup's absolute top view.

    Even though I disable the synchronized view, and set the Field of View to 0°, it still appears a bit perspective...

    Another weird thing is, when I try my best to find best top view with 0°, I save the view to sketchup, the camera of this view will shift to other location...which means I can't even save the fake top view.

    I couldn't do isometric view as well...seems you will never get a true isometric view.

    • Official Post

    Hi JACK.Z , thank you very much for your post. :) I'm afraid, it is actually currently not possible to get a true isometric view in Enscape, but we are aware of the demand for this implementation and I gave the existing corresponding topic on our agenda a further upvote through your voice. ;)