Enscape VR experience with Meta Quest 3

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  • Hello everyone!

    My architecture firm has recently purchased a Meta Quest 3 with the intent of using it for walkthroughs of 3D models. This is my first experience with a VR headset, but found the Meta Quest 3 easy to set up and understand. I have the Oculus software on my laptop, successfully linked them together, and am able to open a 3D model with Revit/Enscape and get to it on the VR headset.

    My issue is with the overall experience using Enscape with the Quest 3; it is extremely choppy/laggy, even after turning down the graphics to "Draft". I have the headset connected to my laptop (GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max Q Design) via USB-C (not 3.0). Everything is smooth until I get to the Enscape model.

    Could this be chalked up to user error (I'm an IT guy, not an architect :D )? Is the GPU not powerful enough? Is the USB 3.0 connection mandatory?

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    wclarkSLAMcoll , welcome to our Forum!

    Right away, please be aware that while the laptop you own is indeed a capable machine for using Enscape outside of VR, it makes sense that the built-in GPU may struggle given how performance heavy virtual reality naturally is, even at Draft quality.

    On the other hand I can also imagine these problems may occur at least partially due to a slower than USB 3 connection, so if you do have the chance to somehow connect the headset via USB 3 it should be worth a try, especially in case you will just require an USB-C to USB-A adapter like this one here for example. Of course the cable itself also has to support USB 3, but as per another article I found it's what's recommended:

    "When it comes to the USB-C cable, you can get away with a USB 2 cable, but you'll experience lower image quality and occasional stutter. We strongly recommend using a USB 3 or 3.1 cables for the best experience." (Source found here)

    In the end if switching to USB 3 does not make any difference we can likely only reccomend upgrading to a more powerful machine, especially in case you might be working with scenes which aren't on the smaller, less complex side.

    Feel free to also submit us a feedback report including logs as detailed here after trying another cable/adapter and we can at least also check out your log files and machine information for any issues that may explain the bad performance, though it'll very likely boil down to the RTX 2070 simply not being the "best choice" for VR anymore.