Overlay information in Enscape VR?

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  • Hi,

    I'm using Enscape and an Oculus Quest 2 which is great; but what I really need is some overlay functionality so that within Enscape VR I can bring up additional windows within VR (eg a cost summary for a particular fitout).

    Is there a way to do this?

    1. I've tried OVR Toolkit, which works pretty well in Steam VR - but Enscape does not run through Steam VR so OVR can't interface (and also Enscape does not play nicely with Steam VR active, framerate and stability is terrible)
    2. I can't export as a standalone .exe and run through Steam VR as my company IT policy prohibits the running of .exe files.
    3. I've considered Virtual Desktop but I don't believe that gives the functionality to open windows in VR (and apparently that requires a wired connection to a router, wireless won't work? I'm running Enscape/VR on a laptop, intended to be taken around client properties so wired to a route isn't an option)

    So I'm a bit stuck, does anyone have any ideas about how I could achieve this?


  • Ok, update. Might be of use to someone somewhere!

    So after a lot of faffing around with Virtual Desktops, it seemed to be as simple as ensuring you use Steam VR. With Steam VR running you can bring your desktop and any documentation you like into the VR interface. Click the button on the left hand Quest controller and Steam VR opens with the option to display various desktop windows, dock them to your hands, float them in the VR space etc. This means I can have a user in the VR space and they can view a pdf with say, fitout costs, carbon impacts of a particular fitout without leaving the VR space.

    Not sure if this is a universal solution, or if there is a more elegant way to do it but it seems to work. Steam VR also has a few occasional issues with Enscape, so that might be the trade off.

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    Hey BarryFishFinger , just figured that out myself over the holidays. Same thing goes with the native Quest Link on PC Oculus, just open the window you want docked in VR on the PC and pin it so it shows up in VR. Actually learned about that while learning the basics of Quill, a four year old tutorial. So much to explore...

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  • Ah! Kaj Burival, thats really helpful! Your Quill video shows the native Oculus desktop switcher in use - which I'd forgotten existed because I tried it briefly at the start of this project and it didn't work, just shows a black screen.

    So I did a bit of digging as to why and as it turns out you have set the Oculus.exe in the Windows display/graphics settings to use the 'power saving' mode (ie don't let Windows decide, force it to use the onboard graphics card rather than the 4090). Once that's done and you've restarted, I can load the desktop within Enscape VR by clicking on the Oculus home button (right hand controller).

    So the functionality is slightly lower, you can't dock the desktop window to your controllers like you can with Steam VR, - HOWEVER! its vastly more stable - Steam VR started crashing again not long after I posted my original message. And moving/resizing the window via Oculus is much more intuitive.

    So a much better solution, crucially from a stability perspective. Its not going to look good if I get to the clients property and they're walking round in VR and everything falls over because Steam VR has thrown a wobbly again. I've made OpenXR the default in Oculus now rather than SteamVR so it no longer opens at all when Enscape is run, again with improvements to stability.

    Thanks very much!

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    Ha! You in turn helped me as well - the Desktop shows black for me as well in VR. I just opened individual windows (Chrome in that case), those could be displayed just fine. Anyways, great to explore together :)

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