Automatically import ALL available maps of a texture

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    Most of the time people use their own PBR textures in a professional workflow.

    Having to import a texture in SketchUp (1), then going to Enscape and adding the corresponding Height Map (2), then the Roughness Map (3), and potentially an Opacity Map (4) requires a lot of clicks and navigation through the File Explorer on Windows.

    It would be awesome if Enscape could automatically find and add an Albedo's corresponding Height/Roughness/Opacity maps and import them at the moment the texture is created. Doing this would save quite a lot of clicks and hassle with the File Explorer pop up window. Here's some brainstorming regarding the idea:

    • A texture's additional maps are statistically bound to be located in the same folder where the Albedo is located.

    • Most industry standard textures carry either a suffix or a prefix of the map name.

    It could work like this: A separate settings menu to tell Enscape how to think. Should it search for a suffix or a prefix (checkmark)? Text fields for every type of texture map Enscape supports (Normal, Bump, Displacement, Gloss, Roughness, Opacity etc) where you would type all possible variations of a texture map name, for example _Normal, -normal, -norm for a Normal Map,

    Once this is set up, the moment a Diffuse/Albedo is imported/created in the host program (SketchUp, Revit etc), Enscape automatically scans the same location of the imported texture for additional maps and if there are any that match the search based on suffix or prefix, they get imported.

    Since a Height Map in Enscape has 3 options but only one of them may be selected at any given time, it might be a good idea to set a "preference" in the aforementioned settings menu to tell Enscape to "prefer" a Normal map over a Bump map when importing, or vice versa.