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  • I have just finished a project, where I create the plans and sections in Revit, and all the visual material was created in Sketchup / Enscape.

    It worked ok, but I found it troublesome and contra productive to handle and update two different models.

    Therefore I wonder if it's possible to create a full project in Sketchup - has anyone in here experience with using Sketchup for 2d drawings?

    I find Sketchup very limited regarding 2d drawings, like missing dashed lines, line thinkness and similar.

    But maybe Layout can be a help? I used Layout for facades, but without lines. Even that we need to link into an other program (Layout) to print is annoying, but I guess that's how it is.

    If this workflow should work, I think it could be very useful if we can link components to Enscape proxies (I don't think it's possible now?).

    What I mean by this is, for an example, I can have a drawing of a bed that looks like I would like to look in a plan drawing, but it acts like a normal detailed bed in Enscape.

    Just my thoughts after finishing this project.

    Or Rhino might be an alternative as an "all in one program"......


  • In SU there is a plugin called Skalp that will let you do just about every 2D thing you want. There are also a full architectural plugins to make a BIM model rather than just a sculptural mass.

    (There are also ways without any plugins and you can use Layout that comes with SU to produce architectural drawings, but it depends on your exact requirements.)

  • well, Jorgensen rendering through Sketchup or Revit (with plugins) - makes it ONE 3D model... for me Revit makes often "too detailed" elements, building automatically some inevitable things (like two-sided walls).

    I like veeeery much this Enscape, for it's "automatization", or "semi-automatization" of rendering... all along with the speed. but that's it - I have not seen any "speedier" solution...

  • hi milos.komlenic I agree, I'm just in somekind of limbo here.

    I have done projects completely in Revit, and I find Revit extremely useful for creating plans and sections, handling areas etc. but I find Sketchup a lot more intuitive compared to Revit.

    Very fast modeling, different solutions in the same model by using layers or hidden geometry, ok handeling of textures - especially compared to Revit witch sucks at mapping textures.

    I guess I have to continue switching between theese programs :)


  • You do realise that SU can be just as easy/easier to create plans and sections?

    I see no point in modeling anything in SU unless it's accurate; I have sections, outlines and components that I can drop in and use to literally "build" a model in 3D space in the same way as you would construct it in reality. Your "problem"* is that you want to produce 2D images from the 3D model to show people; if the model is accurate then it's a little bit of work to do it raw in SU, but the Skalp plugin does it in a couple of clicks. (Personally I do it raw because it's becoming less and less of a request.)

    (* I say "Problem" because with the likes of Enscape, you could upload and share a 3D section for any contractor/builder to get the info from... once you can attach labels and hotspots to these it will make 2D plans close to obsolete.)

  • One reason you find Sketchup has very limited regarding 2d drawings is that SketchUp’s toolset is primarily geared toward drawing in 3D. While it is possible to draw on a flat plane, extra steps need to be taken to assure that you continue drawing in 2D.

    I don’t create 2D components myself, I either use 3D or I will paint them in afterwards. I am using SketchUp on a XP-Pen Deco Pro Drawing Tablet . using a pen helps reduce RSI most associated with using a mouse .

  • I guess I have to continue switching between theese programs :)


    no, that wouldn't do that.

    5 years ago we were still working with Revit and sketchup,

    When I once saw the architect Nick Sonder and Sketchup on Youtube. I was surprised at what is possible.

    Then I realized that in the future we will only draw with one Cadprogram. I made this decision and today we all appreciate that we work consistently.

    We still have Revit but we don't use it often.

    Especially with the layout and QR code from Enscape, we notice that everyone can now understand the drawings and our ideas much better. we can also see everything in 3D enscape on our iphone or ipad.