Asset Library

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  • hi people

    i had upgrade my last version of enscape,

    but i lost the rendering of the people from the first asset library. they just appear in the scene as a geometrical objet.

    how can i recupere them with the rendering.

    Thanks :)

  • The preview versions should not be used in production. They are work in progress versions to gather feedback and catch bugs early on. Features are subject ro change, hence we can not ensure compatibliity across Preview versions and the release. Sorry!

  • This suggestion is really interesting though. One of the longstanding annoyances of RPG content is the representation in hidden line and shaded views. If only Revit would show just one of the outlines, it would be perfect. If there is any way of switching out these mesh views with a simple outline of the object, with maybe a 10% opaque fill inside the outline, that would make Enscape objects really useful in some of our 2D documentation.