Enscape Crashes While Rendering with GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop GPU

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  • We have been producing 360 panorama renderings on our primary work laptops at our office without any major issues for weeks. It's a very detailed model so the renderings take a while. We also wanted to start implementing full VR capabilities, so we bought a computer with a higher end graphics card and better specs. The VR works great on it, but it crashes every single time we go to render an image from it. The graphics card driver is fully up to date.

    I submitted a log report and never heard back from the Enscape team. I then followed up a couple weeks later with a support request, and the rep brushed it off saying she replied to my last request (which never happened) and that our Enscape model was too detailed/large for the graphics card memory. I responded and have heard nothing back.

    I understand this is a rather large model, but it makes no sense why our lower-end computers have been producing renderings just fine, but our computer that has better specs crashes almost immediately. If this really is just an issue with our Revit model being too large (an 8,900 sf house) then fine, but that is a little concerning, that an 8,900 sf house can so easily break Enscape even with a good graphics card. We have some textures with high resolutions in there, but beyond that we don't have any high poly assets. We only did 2 custom assets and I made sure to bring them down below Enscape's poly limit warning when importing them.

    And again it was rendering fine on our computers that have a worse graphics card and have half as much memory as our new computer, so memory limits should not be an issue here.

    The two cases that have been created about this so far are (192157) and (189793).

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    Hey sgreen_HA , are you rendering exactly the same scene with the same settings on both machines? You're comparing textures and high poly assets - maybe interesting for you to know, textures actually take up more space on the graphics card RAM than models. So if you were using lower resolution textures before, but are using higher resolution textures now this can very well make a big difference for your graphics card.

  • - Does the new PC crash on -any- pano image with this project, or just once you cross a certain resolution threshold?

    - Can you render panos from other projects on the new PC?

    - What are the specs on the "old" PCs?

    - As Kaj mentioned, please verify all Enscape settings are identical between PCs (especially hardware ray-tracing, etc)

    - Also verify drivers and Enscape versions are the same (not necessarily the very latest.)

    - Are Windows versions the same with updates applied? (type "winver" in the task bar search.) Is there a chance the old PCs are on Win10 and the new one is Win11?

    - Please define "hi-res" textures in terms of pixel dimensions.

    - Size in sf isn't particularly relevant, it is about the amount of detail, textures, number of lights sources, etc.

    Of course, ideally all of that should not matter, but we need to identify possible differences between the systems.