Shadow Glitch - Revit

  • I found this shadow glitch in Enscape for Revit when walking through a model. Our whole project started flickering as we walk through the model.

    I was able to recreate it in a new project with 2 walls and a floor and changing the time of day.

    Also when I start to walk around the shadow flickers and moves around

    The issue occurs in all Rendering Quality levels.

    I haven't tested this in Sketchup or Rhino.

  • Hey Vincent , could you please briefly send us the project at hand? Also, are you currently using our latest release of Enscape? If you're unsure, or not on 2.4 yet, please refer to this guide on how make sure you're up to date. :) This procedure may already help, or resolve this problem, if not, please be so kind as to send us the file.

  • hi and thanks

    I would have to send every project so far. Even if I put a big white rectangle on the floor to see shadows, this moiree effect shown above often appears.
    Also because e.g. windowsills and other similar details mostly have this already mentioned (don't find the post now) interrupted shadow. I can't use the Enscape renderings for my projects and certainly not for presentations so far - very bad! How do the other users do that?
    I have to represent surface materiality mostly which runs so great within Enscape btw, so I get very close to these details. These false missing shadows are so annoying that any use is excluded which you will understand for sure.

    Ok, will try to install the latest version (preview? or official?) tomorrow and try again.

    (hmm - so I´m still running Shaderlight and all the other similar existing tools in the company - these render much much slower, but deliver reliable quality without unwanted surprises (and btw allways mating SkUp´s viewport correctly without any fumbling) - no bad intentions here, but I can't afford all these wobblers in the job)
    So I still long for a working solution and can't wait to find it ...

  • Shadow Glitch - Revit AND SketchUp

    Hi I´ll still adress this General Shadow Issue to SketchUp as well. I installed the newest release this morning - Nothing changed, the shadows still dont get calculated correctly (I will send a Feedback to this file rigt now).
    Always exactly where guaranteed no sun can shine on but shadow must be, instead, Enscape refuses to calculate this shadow. These rendered files are still unusable so far because not presentable this way...

  • Hey EGIE , in this case, it would really be helpful if you could send us the scene from the last two screenshots. You can easily upload your project to for example, and send me the link via this thread, or via PM. :) This allows our developers to have a closer look at this. Thank you so much in advance!

  • Hi, I also have been getting this moire effect often in my Revit Enscape renderings. I mostly use white paper mode, and the shadow verticals are effected by the time of day in Enscape, and sometimes whether "architectural 2-point perspective" is checked. It happens at all quality levels, and I'm using Enscape 2.4

    In the attached image, I have the field of view as long as the lense will allow, to get as "flat" of an elevation as possible. However, if I change the lens length, the moire effect is still there. The views here are taken at the different times of the day. I have had this problem multiple times in multiple Revit files, 2018 and 2019. I always end up photoshopping it out. Thanks for your help!

  • We've made a few adjustments with 2.5 (check out how to acquire our latest release here) to help with this kind of moire effect - could you kindly try it out cclifford to see if it helps?

    Also, EGIE , could you send me a further screenshot of that behavior since you already installed 2.5?

    Thanks a lot in advance. :)

  • Hi Demian,

    The update is better! There is still some moire effect in the Enscape interface (image 1), but when I export (on ultra, image 2, haven't tried lower res) it goes away. The effect happens only for about 10 min out of a day, whereas before it was happening the entirety of afternoon. Thanks!