Exporting a Albedo Texture as a jpeg

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  • Hi All,

    I download a model of a mask from the 3D warehouse and it's a great model, but I want to change the color in only some parts in photoshop. I don't have the original jpeg - does any one know how to export the albedo texture as a jpeg?? I could only figure out how to download it as a .matpkg, which I cannot open on any software on my computer. Thank you!!

  • If you are using sketchup, it's very easy. Use the paint bucket to sample the material in Sketchup. Go to edit material. Press the edit texture image in external editor button. Save the image. Then just apply the color changes in your image editing software.

    If you want to do it through Enscape. Export a matpkg. Import that Matpkg and than navigate in your systems folder browser to the location specified on the Enscape Material Editor. This specified location is displayed once you press the gear at the bottom left labeled Imported Texture Storage. I found my desired texture by sorting the dates because the naming of the storage folders is wild.