Unwanted Illumination

  • We have a long room, where light is leaking in as if the floor above was missing. As you approach it, the light goes away - so we though it might have something to do with processing. We bumped up the setting to high resolution, but still has light leaking through - has anyone ever experienced this, and have a work around?


  • You might want to have a look at our Preview Version - we've improved global illumnation a lot! You can find everything you need to know here:

    New preview version:

    A link to the download page can be accessed via the About window.

    Please be aware though, that we've not yet officially released this version - hence a Preview. So incompatibilities or other issues might still occur.

  • Yeah, what you're seeing is the cutoff distance at which it simplifies and or doesn't calculate GI/lighting. From my experience it's at least a couple hundred feet, but in larger spaces, that's close enough to be noticeable depending on where you're looking. Sounds like it may have been improved in the latest preview version though :)