Split screen phasing

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  • Hi,

    My clients are loving enscape3d, and are finding it much easier to make decisions.

    However we are constantly flipping back and forth between existing and proposed views, so that they can compare proposals to the existing situation.

    At the moment this means exporting a standalone model of the existing phase and then running a second version of the proposed phase, and placing them side by side on the screen.

    This is a workable solution, however it would be great to have a way to view these different phases with the camera updating simultaneously in each view.

    Many thanks

  • In SU you can toggle the visibility of layers and (if live updates is on) you will see the geometry being toggled in Enscape. You could also make the existing element all one fill and change the opacity of that material to have it update live in Enscape. (I have used both in the past.)

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    @bungle welcome to our forum and thanks a lot for your feedback! Would the proposed options from@Gadget already be sufficient, otherwise I'll happily file a dedicated corresponding feature request. :) Please also let me know if there is anything else you want to add to it!

  • Thanks Gadget man, unless i misunderstand you, i think that would be a similar situation to what i currently have? I.e would result in flipping back and forth between existing and proposed, or reloading the model with layers on and off. I am hoping to avoid toggling, and also opacity. Whilst that sometimes works great i was looking for a clean view of the existing and proposed.

    So effectively what i am trying to achieve is to have multiple instances of enscape running at the same time, but have the camera movements synchronised between them.

    This means that when i navigate to a point in the model and the client asks 'what did it look like before' i don't have to switch over to the other window and navigate to the same point.

    Having synchronised navigation between to windows would streamline the process.

    @Demian, yes if you could file that feature request, i would be grateful.

  • You don't need to re-load Enscape with different layers on/off: just change them in SU and the change happens in real-time.

    Set up a layer called "demolition" and put all the bits of geometry that are going to be removed on it. Set up another one called "New" and put all the new walls on it. And maybe another one for furnishings. (Personally I group all relevant geometry and dump the group into the layer - makes editing less confusing). Now you can toggle the visibility tic-box in the layer manger and see things vanish and re-appear at will.

    the camera scenes/views are (can be) independent of the layer visibility settings, so various options can be seen from the same view points by simply clicking visibility.

    The only issues I have encountered is editing live (sometimes there is a geometry glitch and Enscape needs re-loaded) but never a problem turning on/off layers or hiding/unhiding geometry.

  • you cant select that scene change directly in enscape though, only via the SU interface.

    Its not ideal but it does work.

    If scene buttons could rear the sketchup scene info it might make for a better system, i do however like the speed of jumping through enscape scenes as it doesnt read the SU info which can be very slow for big scenes.