quando ci saranno sostanziali update in enscape?

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  • Hello dear enscape3d followers, I was wondering how many versions of Enscape do we have to wait for some simple but important updates?

    I list just two, in my opinion, simple ones, which would take the rendering engine to a higher level.

    -1) Give the possibility of not showing the object lights in the reflections of the surfaces

    -2) Possibility of giving transparency to the black background of animated textures (to be able to better simulate the flame, the smoke in the coffee cup, or even a person moving without needing to be in 3D). It would easily make a scene more dynamic

    We are not asking for animated objects other than trees and water but at least these two updates which can bring the environment back to a level similar to other realtyme rendering engines.

    Some improvements in the creation of materials such as the falloff of the velvet effect would be wonderful, but the two points indicated above would already bring Enscape to a higher level.

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