Enscape Plugin Issues with the Meta Quest 2

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  • Hello!

    I am having a fair amount of trouble getting the Enscape VR to work with my Oculus Quest 2 with both Revit and Sketchup plugins. I understand that Enscape has not officially endorsed/supported the Quest Series, but others seem to have been able to make it work so I'm trying to better understand what I could be doing wrong.

    I'm able to get the quest link up and am able to look at my monitor screen, but as soon as i enable the VR headset toggle in the Enscape tool bar, the computer screen is stuck at the "Searching for Head-Mounted-Display", while the Quest 2 display goes from the computer screen display to an all black environment and seems to be stuck there.

    Computer Specs are as follows:

    13th Gen Intel i9-13900 Processor

    Nvidia RTX A2000 12GB

    64GB RAM

    64 bit operating system

    Windows 11

    I'm also using a Meta Quest brand USB 3 Type-C link cable for Quest Link

    I've looked at the previous forums about the issue in regards to:

    • ensuring the latest version of Enscape is installed
    • ensured the oculus app is always running when using quest link
    • turned on the "unknown sources" toggle in the general settings of the oculus app
    • installing and using the enscape preview version confirmed to previously have worked

    I've tried all of these and none are appearing to solve my issue.

    Is there anything else I can try to mitigate this? I would love to make the case to my firm to invest further in the Enscape software/VR integration but this is beginning to become disheartening.

    If anyone could help me find a solution to this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!