Where is the description of the content of the enscape software updates?

  • tas_1985 , please go to our download page and then click the hyperlink "here" in the below sentence "Download older versions here.", which will open a site called "Version History". Here you'll be able to see a corresponding changelog for each version (down to Enscape Is this already what you were looking for or are you missing something? :)

  • I was about to create a request for a proper Changelog and found this post. Perhaps this is the appropriate place to make this comment, please advise.

    The current "Version History" reads more like a "What's New". It primarily addresses new features or improvements. but is silent on minor changes .

    There are typically several additional minor changes that go into each update than is listed in the Version History which nonetheless impact the look for a rendering created with a previous version.

    Would it be possible to have detailed view of Version History?