shadows disappeare

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  • Hi
    Is there any knowen issues with artificial lights shadows not shown / disappeares ??
    i can see them at first but soon later they dissapeare.
    (i tried to play with all : different light soures / exposure / artificial light volumes / render quality ... none helped)
    * is there a limit for Enscape light oblects (i use a group of omni in one light body to get softer shadows...) ?

    Thanks :))

  • I don't know if there is a hard physical limit for lights, but typically with real time renderers the amount of expense for a light to be computed is directly related to the amount of area that it illuminates . Lots of lights are a direct multiplication of this rule.

    I've seen a few models where there are hundreds of lights and strange things start to happen, enscape may be trying to manage the performance and starts turning some things off or calculating them differently. I'm sure someone from team will be able to give more detail on that.

    Can you share the model for this one?

    • Official Post

    Just for your information in case you still experience this or similar behavior, feel free to check out our latest Enscape 4.0 Preview 4 now offering ray-traced artificial light sources which should immensely help with proper shadow reproduction in general: Enscape 4.0 Preview 4

    That is of course if your hardware supports ray-tracing in the first place, but I still thought it might be worth sharing for the future.