Enscape for Rhino 7 crashing everytime!!

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  • Help! Enscape stopped running all of a sudden, the following message is shown right after trying to run the plug-in. All drivers are up to date, operating System is also up to date, Using the latest Enscape update.

    Already tried using previous Enscape versions. The same error is displayed.

    My system specs are the following:

    Nvidia Driver: Version 551.23

    Windows 11 Version: 23H2 (Just updated)

    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor.


    Processor: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13980HX 2.20 GHz

    RAM: 16.0 GB (15.6 GB usable)

    GPU: Nvidia GeForce 4070 Laptop.


    2024.01.30 11:35:00.498 -06:00 [27] | INFO | Release License...

    Command: EnscapeStartCommand

    2024.01.30 11:35:07.216 -06:00 [14] | INFO | Start Enscape...

    2024.01.30 11:35:07.216 -06:00 [27] | INFO | Release License...

    2024.01.30 11:35:07.216 -06:00 [27] | INFO | Start session...

    2024.01.30 11:35:08.178 -06:00 [28] | WARN | Failed to determine available GPU features. Result: GENERIC_ERROR

    2024.01.30 11:35:08.315 -06:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | INFO | Starting Enscape

    2024.01.30 11:35:10.118 -06:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | WARN | API Error: Enscape_Initialize_From_Plugin: Enscape is not initialized

    2024.01.30 11:35:10.118 -06:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | INFO | Enscape started - elapsed: 1802ms

    2024.01.30 11:35:10.119 -06:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | ERROR | Catastrophic Enscape startup error

    Enscape.RendererApi.EnscapeInitializationException: Error on Enscape Initialize

    at Enscape.RendererApi.EnscapeInstance.Start(IStartupParameters startupParameters, Func`1 start, Action stop)

    at Enscape.Gui.Renderer.RendererWindowManager.TryCreate(StartupParameters startupParameters, IntPtr& handle)


    2024.01.30 11:35:10.134 -06:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | ERROR | No Activate entry for LoadingWindow

    2024.01.30 11:35:10.151 -06:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | ERROR | Renderer window closed before startup was completed

    2024.01.30 11:35:10.151 -06:00 [27] | INFO | Release License...

    • Official Post

    Hi EasyIzzy88 , thanks for the report and welcome to our Forum.

    Please check out my reply here to see if disabling the Intel on-board graphics does the trick. Otherwise if not, kindly make sure that Rhino is fully up to date as well and submit a dedicated feedback report including log files as detailed here if you're already using the very latest version of both Rhino/Enscape.

    Generally whenever you experience any crashes/freezes or similar ideally always submit us a feedback report right, so that our support team can check out all the details including log files and machine information to assist as quickly as possible.

    Thanks a lot in advance.