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  • In addition to new functions, I believe that the previous ones that have been abandoned for too long should always be improved.


    The different colors of the sofas are a nice idea, but many sofas do not yet have this possibility


    Few furnishings, few carpet, few paintings and photos, there are no real big loud speakers, there is no home-theatre, there are no BTicino-type electrical switch sockets, few beds, few bottles of liquor or wine (how can I fill a piece of furniture if I only have two bottles of liquor, it would be better to make groups of 3/4 bottles to quickly fill a piece of furniture)

    3. I had to make a green creeper on a horizontal pergola. I discovered that you cannot rotate the Z axis, even motorbikes on uphill roads, you cannot tilt a pine tree. Because all these limitations you could solve in a week - REDUCE WORK TIME MEANS USING YOUR DEFAULT ASSETS.