Ceiling recessed area getting brighter without any light

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  • Hi, everyone. I was doing a project related to interior design. I was designing the ceiling, I encountered this problem. I gave the recession in the ceiling for profile light/rope light, the recessed area gets brighter but I haven't used any light for that area. I thought maybe there was some issue in the file that is why the ceiling is getting brighter. But, when I opened the new file in SketchUp and remodeled the ceiling again but the problem was still there. I am sharing the screenshot. If anyone knows how to resolve this issue, please help me resolve this problem, I will be grateful. Thank you!

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    Hi Hamza , thanks for your post and general inquiry.

    Right away feel free to check out the following more detailed FAQ article in terms of why you're seeing these "light leaks" all over your ceiling:

    And an excerpt of interest especially:

    "This behavior can usually be resolved/improved by increasing the thickness of the corresponding affected geometry or by creating a second non-transparent wall behind,"

    That means if you're using "thin" geometry used for the ceiling it's technically a lot more likely to experience light leaking as seen in your screenshot.

    Just in case trying the above does not do the trick at all, you can also share the scene with me accordingly (and use e.g. wetransfer.com for uploading).