Rhino and Enscape material mapping is totally messed up

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  • Hello!

    I have problem with texture mapping in Enscape. Material is correctly mapped rhino, but in Enscape it is glitched as see in photo. This time I used Enscape material "Concrete 3", changed color to orange.

    This occurs with almost every project, but with usually materials created in rhino have this problem, but this time also Enscape native material.

    Sometimes apply box mapping command in Rhino helps. (even when material texture is box mapping by default)

    Any ideas?

    Model is not far from origin.

    Model is 247mb

    my GPU is rtx3050ti laptop.

  • In addition to previous information. The glitched object is also a block, when I explode a block, and use "apply box mapping command" then texture is OK. but as I have 10 same buildings in my model, my model will be very heavy... so It is not a solution

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    markuspui , Simina Barle , if this issue still persists using our latest release or preview could you please attach a small example project or part of this scene with which this behavior occurs so that we can try to reproduce this as well? Also, do you still experience this if your "Model units" (via Rhino's "Document Properties") are set to Centimeters specifically?

    If not too large you can simply put said example file in a .zip archive to attach with your next reply. Alternatively you can use any other upload provider of your choice (wetransfer.com for example).

    Thanks a lot in advance for your attention.