The great wishlist: Colorize vegetation, Glass material with ID channel, Outline controle, assets block layer placement, sectionview fix

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  • Colorize the vegetation like trees and bushes.

    (Twinmotion has that function)

    Export glass as an seperate ID channel image.

    Sometimes theres like hundres of windows

    in our projects and you can't select them with object id or material id in photoshop.

    Let the outline function work so it can draw outlines between adjecent geometries. (se attachment)

    If i draw 2 boxes and stack them on top of each other you dont get any lines between the floors / boxes.

    For the love of god fix the asset layer placement.

    Right now it only places the layer correctly inside the block. The asset will not be placed in the selected layer whyyyyyyy?

    Fix this: When making a section view you can't save it in enscape properlys.

    Right now you have to select the view in rhino and use the "syncronize camera" option. You cant save the view in any logically sense.

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