Default Image saving Location

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  • Hi all,

    By default, enscape saves image in the C drive image folder, probably you cannot change its' default locatuon, it is OK for me. But it just keep pop up asking you if you want to save image. I wonder if it is possible for me to get rid of the pop up menu, everytime when I excute the export image command it just save to the default folder directly?

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    Hey JACK.Z , you can easily change the default saving location and also avoid any prompts if you just want to save images to a fixed location:

    1 = Activate "Automatic Naming" and you won't receive any popups asking you where you want to save your renderings. This will give the renderings a automatically generated name in the form of Enscape_DATE_TIME (for example: Enscape_2018-11-19-14-36-32)

    2 = Sets the "Default Folder" to which renderings will be saved. When 1 is deactivated, it will open a prompt to the set folder, activate 1 and it'll just instantly save your renderings to the set folder instead, with no popups.

    Let me know in case something is unclear to you. :)

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    JACK.Z , happy to help! :)