Enscape animation stutters at beginning of playing exported video

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  • Hi there!

    When I create an animation in Enscape and export the animation, the animation stutters when playing the video. The video often only stutters at the beginning of each 'shot'. I can't make good, smooth animations this way, as I often work with separate, short videos to create a complete animation. Frame rate is at 60FPS, resolution is set at 1080 x 1920 px. I am working with an RTX 4080 graphics card and installed the latest version of Enscape.

    What can I do?

    Kind regards,


    • Official Post

    Hi STOERR , I am sorry to hear about that.

    Right away, could you kindly try playing your exported videos with a different video player than you've been using? For example, if you were using the built in windows player, can you instead try something like VLC?

    In case this persists with VLC and other video players too regardless, kindly submit this as an issue via our dedicated feedback button as detailed here: https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…sing-the-feedback-button/

    After we've then received your report including log files alongside the rest of your machine information for further troubleshooting we'll get back to you accordingly.