Enscape Error - 5% is filling up and closing

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  • Enscape was working before. But it has not been opened for 1 month. It fills up to 5% and freezes and shuts down. I updated the graphics card. I tried performance settings but it didn't work. The program still doesn't work. I also made an Enscape notification, but there was still no solution.

    Notification ID Number: #206493

    I'm using SketchUP 2023 and my Enscape version is 3.5.6+204048

    My PC Features:

    Processor - 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13980HX 2.20 GHz

    RAM - 32GB

    Graphics Card - NVIDIA GEFORGE RTX 4080

    Operating System - Windows 11 Home Single Language

    • Official Post

    Hi caglarercan , I'm sorry to hear about that.

    Please right away check out this corresponding post and uninstall the detailed software:

    This should already resolve this problem at hand. In case it does not, definitely make sure to also submit us a dedicated feedback report including log files so that our technical support team can troubleshoot this and get back to you again very soon: https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…back-button-win-sketchup/

    Thanks a lot in advance.