Unable to Open Enscape on Mac

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  • Hi all -

    I am an Enscape user in America needing assistance for the use through Sketchup for Mac. Currently, the plug in was working for a little while until now it continues to crash or exit unexpectedly. I've ensured that I have all of the correct requirements (I am using a 2023 Apple M2 Pro Mac Mini with Ventura 13.5, 16 GB of Memory, and plenty of storage left) and I have Sketchup 2023 that is fully up to date. My Sketchup file is incredibly small and limited - I removed all materials / textures (from Poliigon) and it STILL crashes. I can't even send a feedback report because it keeps popping up the message I have attached. What can I do? Is there someone in the United States to speak to over the phone? Are you able to communicate? Please let me know, I have many urgent projects to get out for clients. Thank you!


    Danielle Antos

    The Design Atelier, Inc.

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    Hi dantos_tda , I am sorry to hear about this and welcome to our Forum.

    I can see you're already in touch with our support team as we would've recommended right away, so thank you as well for that - We have received your prior messages and will get back to you again very soon after further troubleshooting.

    Just in case of any off-chance you may not receive a reply back within the next 12-24 hours feel free to let me know.

    Thank you once more for a bit more patience.