Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos) on the Enscape Roadmap?

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  • With the explosion of Dolby Atmos recordings and sound mixing, has Enscape or Chaos considered implementing true spatial audio into Enscape? We don't use Enscape's sound capabilities because they are little more than impressionistic, but it would be amazing to be able to hear Enscape sound in Dolby Atmos spatial audio. And as long as we're going there, it would also be incredible to hear sound reflections based on the sound reflective qualities of a room's material palette. Being able to hear the difference between a large, highly-reflective space like a church and a large, low-reflective space like a concert hall, and an intimate, low-reflective space would be a powerful feature. Even sophisticated clients are often fairly naive about reverberance the legibility of speech in a space and often don't understand the implications of a material change. If we could demonstrate those effects with even rough accuracy, it would be a huge benefit to our clients and our business.

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    Hi knowhere0 - While you can gladly forward this as a feature request via our roadmap portal (through the top right button "Submit Idea") to make product management aware of the demand for this, it's not something we plan to implement anytime soon I'm afraid.

    I do understand the benefits this could deliver in terms of getting a better understanding of their surroundings and adding immersion as well entirely, so feel free to share your input with us of course as detailed, and thanks a lot in advance already for that.