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  • Hello there!

    I am quite new to Enscape and I am encountering a very annoying problem I didn't have with Vray.

    I noticed while rendering furniture in a schematic room I get different colours in the image based on the color of the furniture.

    Here you can see an example where I placed a cylinder in red and one in brown. both have no reflection and no specular as the floor and wall materials.

    Perhaps there is some automatic light correction/adaptation to what is shown in my view?!

    Please help! thanks

  • Thats how light works, 'white' light hits the cylinder, it absorbs the blue and green and reflects the red (what we see) but the now red light then bounces off the cylinder and hits the wall/floor (+ any anything else in the scene) and illuminated that.

    If you introduce a green/blue/whatever element then they will do the same to the environment and each other (a red cylinder will cast red light onto a nearby green cylinder and visa versa)

  • In computer graphics the the colour of the object directly defines what % of any colour reflects back to the camera (so you see it) but it also defines how much of it that reflects onto other surfaces.

    If you are using a pure red item, then you are defining 100% of red light to reflect off the surface (which wouldn't happen in real life as you'd never find a material that can do that)

    If you switch the graphics setting down to draft, this disables Enscape's global illumination altogether.

    You could also just a darker colour red (which will mean that less red energy will reflect) and offset this with enscape's post processing settings - increasing the exposure and increasing the saturation.

  • Thank you everyone for the help!

    Eventually it was the Auto Contrast that just needed to be off. Of course a material will change slightly the color of its environment but in the case I sent you the difference of colours was not realistic!